Project Objective:

The overall aim of the REACH project is to develop a strong cluster-to-cluster partnership between research centres in the EU and India to develop advanced technical solutions for providing high-speed broadband Internet access in rural India by deploying cooperative mesh networking in the unlicensed (white space) spectrum.

The main objectives of the project include:

  • To perform detailed user and application requirement analysis for wireless broadband networks in rural India
  • To consider solutions for network architecture, algorithm and protocol design for rural wireless networks using ¬†white spectrum
  • To propose efficient content distribution system suitable for the context of rural India

 Project Location: Ahmedabad

Target Beneficiaries

Healthcare providers, banks, schools, farmers, local small businesses, rural telecom providers, content providers, rural local citizens and government telecom policy makers


  • Specification for a wireless broadband network in a typical rural area in India
  • Framework for rapid broadband requirements specification of any specific rural village in India
  • Feasibility study report of the application of existing European network architecture solutions in the Indian rural context
  • Performance comparison of candidate solutions, based on a number of performance parameters, including cost, quality of service, maintenance complexity and energy efficiency
  • Specification of the content distribution system and performance analysis
  • Comparative analysis of network simulators that can be used for performance analysis

Funding Agency

The project is funded by the European Union.

Grant Contract ICI+/2014/342-896